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EMRT is a UK River Prize Finalist!

EMRT was truly delighted to be a finalist at the #RRConference this year. Nationally, of the estimated original 2 million hectares of lowland, functional wetland floodplain, only 3000 hectares remained by 2015. The Upper Witham has been deepened, straightened and disconnected from its floodplain, impacting hydrological function and damaging habitat. Alongside serious pollution incidents, climate change and invasive species, these impacts threaten native species such as White-Clawed Crayfish, Otter, Water Vole and Brown Trout with local extinction. 

Over the last decade the partners Environment Agency, National Trust, Wild Trout Trust, University of Lincoln, and South Kesteven District Council (Blue/Green Project) aimed to restore natural processes and functional floodplains, at a landscape scale, across both urban and rural settings. Building on the collective knowledge gained from previous works, these long-standing relationships have enabled a wide range of restoration projects, growing in both scale and ambition and delivery increasing year-on-year.

Restored sites and other locations with good natural habitat and exemplary land management are used as demonstration sites to engage landowners and other key stakeholders. 

👇 Enjoy our story!